Me? A composer electrified by rock-Blues

between quiet and distortion
roughness and control

When I try to describe my music, I often think it originates from the tension between these elements, softness and distortion, roughness and control, giving shape to a particular style that is at the same time simple and deep, sometimes elusive but always clear and recognizable.

I was born on January 6, 1984 in the province of Turin and I’ve been playing guitar since I was eight. It was love at first sight, particularly the blues, which exerted an irresistible fascination on me. I soon realized that music would have been my faithful ally for the rest of my life.

Over the years, I’ve been interested in many different genres and styles, from classical Renaissance music to 1960s psychedelia, and, each of them, like many small pieces of a puzzle, have contributed to creating that complex musical personality that sets me apart.

I graduated from “Ego Bianchi” music high school of Cuneo in 2004, and since then I continue with my personal studies, which often takes me from a manual of harmony and counterpoint to a solo by Eric Clapton.

a summer in San Francisco:
my little personal american dream

When my wife and I arrived in San Francisco, we had no idea what was going to happen. We didn’t know anyone and all we had was a reservation for a couple of nights in the cheapest hotel in town, little money in our pockets and lots of dreams to fulfill.

It was my real test, as it was for my music too. We managed to stay afloat by playing in the street … I still can remember going to the Taylor Street Cable Car stop, at seven in the evening, when “official” buskers were leaving, and me trying to earn a handful of dollars with the last turn of tourists.
Just at this stop, I met the Italian director Daniele Nicolosi. I collaborated with him on the soundtrack of “Along the River”, a western short film starring the famous Italian actor Franco Nero. For this film, winner of the special prize at the American Movie Awards, I provided two folk songs: “Flowers in the Wind” and “Young Man Mountain”.

the poster for my last concert in America, designed by my wife Marika

the adventure of a street musician

This is perhaps the most vivid expression of that musical freedom I’ve always wanted to grant myself. The street is a very unique experience: it has its challenges, its rules, its “crossroads”, and I must admit, sometimes I found myself just wishing to stop it once and for all. And yet, that sense of immediate beauty and spontaneity that the stage of the world offers, always surprises and wins me once more and… there I am again, living the notes of the blues on some street corner.

At the beginning of this adventure, my wife and I, returning from America, lived a couple of years in an old camper van, travelling around Italy and Europe (well, just a part of it). We had a wonderful time, and I’m happy recalling our improbable trip to Berlin, town after town, on our old Trotty (a 20 years old Ford LPG with more than 180000 miles under its belt).

Composition and Home Recording

Once the hard-core “gipsy” phase was over, I finally settled near Saluzzo, in the Cuneo area, and, almost immediately, I started setting up a small recording studio in order to give my compositions a wider arrangement. Since I was a boy, the art of recording and coloring a piece of music have always fascinated me. That’s perhaps one of the greatest heritage received from the Beatles and the veneration I have for their studio masterpieces.

After a first try with a CD containing some of the cover tunes I usually play in the street, I finally released “Taste”, my very first album, written in collaboration with Corrado Gallo, a friend of mine and gifted composer.

Like I often think, having to be a guitarist and a singer, an author and a composer, an arranger and a sound engineer, it’s no easy task and some compromises surely peep out here and there, among my music notes. However, I believe that (and in a much greater way, I hope) among these same notes is clearly visible the passion and talent that give breath and movement to that music, making it one with my life, my experience and the desire to create something beautiful and unique.

"on the road again"

And finally, here we are again, in our van, which has once again become ‘home’…. During the Covid time, in 2020, my wife and I decided to go back to living on the road, which is really the most natural situation for our lifestyle. I really don’t know what the future holds for me, but in any case I can be grateful for what I have experienced so far and I know for sure that the same Beauty will accompany me day after day as it always has.