Release Date : 12/2019

about the album

“Taste” is my first official album. I say “official”, because I’ve been writing and recording songs since I was a boy, and in the past I had already assembled three or four CDs. But I like to see this one as a starting point, a definition of my style, taste and direction.
Recorded in the privacy of my home studio, “Taste” begins to show my “blues songwriter” side. The music of some of these songs was written in collaboration with Corrado Gallo (he wrote the two delicate “The Yearly Chance” and “And If”, “Regardless” and the beautiful “Big Time”).

Among the others, “Flowers in the Wind” deserves a few more mention. This is an old song, written in 2013, with a distinctly folk flavor, used for the soundtrack of a short western film starring Franco Nero and directed by Italian director Daniele Nicolosi. I’ve always loved this song and I wanted to give it the chance to appear in this first album with a new arrangement that is closer to my current style.