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a few words to the wise

I confess… I’m not a great email writer. I struggle to keep up with socials and I find myself more comfortable in the middle of a street than in this digital ocean.

But one thing is certain: I love sharing!
I love to feel connected to other people through that fine thread that is Beauty.

So, if on one hand I promise that, by subscribing to my newsletter, you won’t be invaded by messages on messages, on the other hand I can assure you that what you will receive will be beautiful, pleasant and worthy of attention: from the announcement of the new album release, to the insights on the work behind it; from a preview sharing, to some little “extras” I can offer you here and there.

Hoping that my music, my passion and my work can always involve you, I thank you in advance for your support and encouragement,

      Gabriele Carena